This homemade website is a partial archive of my work to date and used to share some news. On this page, a selection of current and recent projects, talks, texts, and workshops that are representative of my current research and curatorial interests.

Sunken Ecologies, 2021

The 2021 edition of Margate NOW festival, Sunken Ecologies, which takes on the human-made natural environment and the possible role, participation and responsibility of cultural practitioners in caring for, engaging with, reclaiming or reimagining green spaces. The festival primarily takes place at the Sunken Garden in Westbrook, Margate, a garden landscaped in the early 1930s on the site of a former chalk quarry and under the care of the community group Sunken Garden Society since 2018. All commissioned for the festival, the artworks range from permanent, functional sculptures serving the storing, composting and sitting needs of the Sunken Garden, to ephemeral or immaterial contributions, such as sculptural and landscape interventions, walks, texts, sounds, films, workshops and talks.

Artist commissions: Ama Josephine Budge, Adam Chodzko, Kim Conway, Nicolas Deshayes, Lindsey Mendick, Olu Ogunnaike, Sonia Overall, Christina Peake, Molly Pickle, Holly Slingsby, Francesca Ter-Berg, Shamica Ruddock, Sara Trillo

Partner commissions: Cliftonville Cultural Space with Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, Falle Nioke, Dominic Rose & others; CRATE with Rebekah Ubuntu, Jules Varnedoe & Jerome White; Arts In Ramsgate with Rosie Carr, Jemma Cullen, Holly Hunter, Trevor Neal & members of GOLD (Getting on with Learning Difficulties); Limbo with Sadie Hennessy; Margate Bookie with Billie Penfold; Open School East with Sara Jackson, Lottie McCarty, Sam Slattery, Kathryn Tovey & Young Associates; Transit Collective with Simon Cole, Dominic Rose & Jon Spencer

Photo credit: Adam Chodzko, The green, the flow, the path of the game

The Assembly of Values, 2021

A project co-curated with Cédric Fauq, enquiring about the values that surround the contemporary art sphere, and activating proposals and mechanisms for a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable art world.

The project takes the form of 9 videos interviews available here with English subtitles, and of a performative assembly at Villa Arson, Nice on 8-9 Sept 2021, where we gathered to make concrete proposals to be applied by the project’s commissioner Botox(s), the French contemporary art networks in the Alps and Riviera, in the coming months.

With:  Gianmaria Andreetta, Eloïse Bonneviot, Ève Chabanon, Aurélien Catin, Marine Lang, Guillaume Maraud, Noémi Michel, Aude Mohammedi Merquiol, Emilie Moutsis, Laurence Perrillat, Cindy Sissokho, Ramaya Tegegne, Mawena Yehouessi


An exhibition following a six-month long workshop on critical, ethical and intersectional curating led for art students and professionals in Montpellier, at the initiative of Mécènes du sud and of Université Paul Valéry. Thematically connected to the Assembly of Values, also co-curated with Cédric Fauq in 2021, D·E·VALUATION is a reflection on the values (economic, social, environmental, symbolic) that govern the contemporary art field today, opening a critical debate on the subjects of access, care, vulnerability, isolation and the necessity to decolonise and decarbonise art institutions – as well as how these very subjects get coopted.

With: Gianmaria Andreetta and Noémi Michel, Anonymes, Somnath Bhatt, Eloïse Bonneviot, Ève Chabanon, Teresa Cisneros w/ Rose Nordin, Jemma Cullen, Cédric Fauq, Adrien Fregosi and Marine Lang, HTSU Cooperative, Guillaume Maraud, Nad Ma and Raju Rage, Louis Palfrey, Francesc Ruiz, Mawena Yehouessi, Abbas Zahedi, and the participants to the workshop ‘Towards critical, ethical and intersectional curating’: Mohamed Amin Abdessadok, Pierluigi Albano, Cloé Brun, Alice Dupuy, Margaux Horel, Chloé Lavanoux, Yassin De Hullessen, Sofia Lautrec, Jean Lemonnier, Fiona Mazza, Clotilde Moureau, Federica Simeoni, Adrienne Orssaud, Lénaïc Roué, Lingjun Yue

Branded as witches: a conversation across geographies and times, 2021

Kathmandu-based photographer Nabin Baral and I have been working together since February 2021 on a website that will present Nabin’s photo reporting and research on contemporary witch accusations and persecutions (WAP) in Nepal. The website is conceived as a journalistic and educational tool to help raise awareness of WAP at local, regional, national and international levels.

On 5 March 2021, Nabin and I took part in an online event where we discussed our perspective research on the subject of WAP across time and continents.

Situated Education in a Time of Pandemic, 2020

Using Open School East as a case study, this text sets out to reflect on the value and redundancy of physical and architectural space in relation to alternative and situated art education, both in ordinary times and in a time of pandemic. Further to this, it explores the possibilities afforded as a result of the current public health crisis when it comes to access to education.

Published in Deschooling and in a slightly altered version on the University of Nottingham’s geoblog.

Espaces pédagogiques, sociaux et artistiques alternatifs, 2020

A conversation (in French) with Alain Berland, Head of Cultural Events at the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Situated and Self-directed Learning as Practice Development, 2020

An online talk as part of Urgent Pedagogies, a project and platform initiated by Magnus Ericson and Pelin Tan. Followed by a Q&A with Magnus and Pelin.

Campus Alternative, 2019

A curated evening of talks at Nottingham Contemporary.

The Coalition of the Dispossessed, 2018

A text on Ève Chabanon’s work, published in Switch on Paper.

Alternative Sorcières, 2018

A week-long workshop led with choreographer Latifa Laâbissi and proposing a physical and theoretical exploration of the contemporary figure of the witch. This was held La Raffinerie in Brussels, as part of Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2018.